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Boise Area Music Classes for Preschool Age Children

Class Descriptions

2 to 3 Year Olds

Classes include movement activities, finger plays, and lullabies. These classes use instruments such as sticks, bells, drums and shakers.


4 to 6 Year Olds

Classes teach rhythm notation with flashcards, ear training, listening skills, instrument families and listening to different composers. In addition to instruments listed above, these children play maracas, tambourines, sand blocks, xylophones and drums and take turns conducting.



“Your offerings nourish children in three ways: their souls are nourished by the music itself; their bodies are nourished by the graceful movement; and their minds are nourished by the rhythm.”

Dee Coulter, Ed.D., Neuroscience Educator


Music is LIFE...that's why our hearts have BEATS!

Bethany Cluff, Director, Musical Kids


30 minute music classes offered once weekly, September-May at your Boise area childcare center or school. Private classes offered upon request. 

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